Sell your watch

If you want to sell your used watch, contact us: like Bedetti we give a second life to the most important timepieces of the exclusive brands that have made the history of watchmaking and of those who wore them.

Selling or trading in your watch is simple

Bring your watch

Bring the watch you want to sell to our boutique complete with box and guarantee if provided.

Alternatively, complete the form below by uploading the information and photos of your watch.

You will receive an offer from us

We will evaluate your watch and, where it is of interest to us, we will present you with our best offer for the purchase. Generally our offers will be communicated to you within 2 working days.

We will check your watch

Once our offer has been accepted, our specialized technicians will check your watch to verify that everything is in order in order to proceed with the purchase. We will check the origin, originality and functionality of your watch.

We will proceed with the purchase

At the end of the laboratory check we will confirm our offer and proceed with the purchase.
At this point you can:

Watch our video

Play Video
Play Video

Fill out the form

By filling out the following form you will be contacted by our staff to receive our economic offer for the sale of your watch.
The proposal you will receive is indicative but not binding.
It can be confirmed when our watchmaking technicians can carry out a live check of your watch in our laboratory.

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